Join us in restoring Original Culture, the Hebrew Way!  February: Principle of Creation 70

13 Modules

Day 5 & Friday's Nurturing

This module holds Day 5 Recording & Friday's Daily Nurturing suggestions.  There are a few images and links to read from the eBook to help you experience this as fully as possible.

Saturday's Nurturing

This module holds Saturday's Daily Nurturing suggestions.  There are a few images and links to read from the eBook to help you experience this as fully as possible.

Sunday's Nurturing

This module holds Sunday's Daily Nurturing suggestions.  There are a few images and links to read from the eBook to help you experience this as fully as possible.

CONNECT WITH US LIVE: Join us monthly Online in a Book Discussion on this "Course"

This lesson will give you the recording of a Debrief discussion as well as the date, time and link to join us online live. 

BONUS: Our Pilgrim's Course Family Devotional Book

I am excited to offer you FBG's Pilgrim's Course Family Devotional Book!

I hope this helps in your efforts to share this Hebraic Principle of Creation and The Gospel in your house and home. 

All the Best,
Katie Hansen

BONUS: The Be-Attitude Project

Welcome to the BE-Attitude Project: A Study in Becoming. 

This optional module provides some guides to help you further your study in "becoming" through study the beatitudes more in depth. Using colorful “thematic” guides/brochures or our blank  study templates, you can join fellow pilgrims/travelers who have taken this "Pilgrim's Course" intro class and want a deeper study. 

BONUS: Daily Nurturing Recipes

Welcome to Foundation Builder Guide's Pilgrim's Course Tutorial ~ Bonus Gift:  Retreat Recipes 2022

This optional module provides a PDF for you to download and print to use in your homes to enhance your #DailyNurturing of yourself and family.

Intro Principles of Creation Class: The Pilgrim's Course

A 4+hour Tutorial-discussion class on seeing the Hebraic “Sun at Horizon” symbol in the Scriptures

I have been on the most exciting God-led journey and now I am sharing one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from this experience and education!

Why is this an important pattern to see?  I have come to realize this principle, which has been the inspiration of my blog for the last 10 years, is one of the Hebraic Principles of Creation™ and is so crucial for us all to know because it is the most foundational Natural Law.  It shows us how to live, learn and become, and lays the perfect foundation and pattern for our every-day learning and education, as well as a vision for our entire life! 

As you relate this pattern to your own ascension story, it will help you to know where you are in your “Pilgrim’s Course” on your way back to God and what you can do towards Becoming! 

This 4+hour Tutorial-style class is set up to lead you, step by step, to begin seeing this foundational Hebraic pattern in the scriptures, and it is done so in an Original Hebrew cultural way I call The Hebrew Way.   In each video, I lay a groundwork of understanding how to see this “circle pattern”, then offer recordings for you to practice along with a previous group, or the live Tutorial-style discussions to practice with a live group.   

This experience can increase your vision of one of the Ancient Hebraic symbols I share in The Early Semitic Pictographic Alphabet book.  It can also increase your application of learning and teaching in The Hebrew Way

This class shows the connection with the commonly taught Universal Story pattern and introduces how this is originally modeled after the first Pilgrim Abraham, with a “circle-pattern” I discovered in my search to understand Higher Laws.   Read the full story HERE on my blog.  

This class also lays the proper foundation to discovering further Foundation Builder Guide’s Hebraic Principles of Creation™ which I extrapolated from my study in The Hebrew Model and "Original Culture" for the past 15 years.   Come join us in this simply amazing law and principle! 

~ Katie Hansen

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