Join us in restoring Original Culture, the Hebrew Way!  NEW ROUND--July: Principle of Creation 10

5 Modules

Week 1: Introduction & The Four Bodies

We introduce the Energy Systems which are shared in this class in an overview conversation.  Then, we begin building foundation by learning the Four Bodies and introducing a simple explanation of the two foundational Hebraic Principles of Creation.  

Week 2: The Seven Glands & Centers

We review the Awakening the Family Within story & the Gifts observed.  The seven Endocrine Glands and seven Energy Transformation Centers are introduced and how to play the Family Within Hopscotch Game.

Week 3: The Benefits & Gifts

The ZoneBalance treatment for the Family Within is explained in this module.  The Benefits of doing this daily ZoneBalance treatment on the Top of your feet and an overview of the Gifts is also discussed here. 

My Little Kingdom: Ascending the Family Within

While you most likely have heard of the Ancient language called Hebrew, have you heard of the Ancient Art & Science called FootZonology?  FootZonology is an Ancient Art & Science.  It entails the science and study of the signal system on the feet.  If you can think of our bodies like a computer, our feet are like the computer's wireless keyboard.  These signals are light vessels which are directly connected to the DNA-code in every cell of the body and from the DNA-code to our Inner Blueprint.  

Learn more through our short introductory class in the Intro to Footzonology Course!

In this class, we will be learning how to ZoneBalance the Endocrine System on the signals of the top of the Feet.  We will begin with three in-person, 1-1/2 hours of introduction and instruction on the Endocrine system and Ascending the Family Within.  The seven follow-up videos on how to ZoneBalance the Endocrine System on each day of the week will be in this Course.


I loved how thorough, patient, and validating Katie was with all the questions we had. She clearly has years of research and knowledge under her belt and I felt she was extremely generous with the wisdom she shared.  I am already applying principles I learned from class to my everyday life and I look forward to using the foot zoning skills I gained for years to come! I also look forward to learning more from Katie’s devoted studies by diving into other courses she has put together. Thank you Katie!!                                    -  Judy, Provo, Utah

Modules for this course 5
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