Join us in restoring Original Culture, the Hebrew Way!  NEW ROUND--July: Principle of Creation 10

4 Modules

Facilitator Mentoring Discussions

This Module gives you access to the ALL the FBG Level 3 Facilitator Mentoring Discussions. 

Hebrew Vocabulary Exploration

Come learn how to apply your Hebraic Principles of Creation study to Hebrew Vocabulary words and the scriptures, especially reading the Psalms 119 verses in Hebrew and seeing the Acrostic nature of the entire chapter. 

FBG Level 3: The Facilitator Mentoring & Coaching

Our mission is to prepare the women called to lead in their homes and communities in these Organic Principles, Environments, Materials & Skills.  Learn about these amazing Natural Law Principles of Creation through our Intro Principles of Creation class called The Pilgrim's Course Tutorial, then the Level 1 Symbolic-Study program.  

If you feel called to join us, we know you will love this transformational study ~ including the Foundation Builder Principles of Creation Study Guide & Companion Workbook, the LIVE Principles of Creation mentoring, the Symbolic-Learning Home Resources and this beautiful Community! 

The Unlocking the Chambers Women's Retreat experience (3 days) is held every 1-2 years and comes at an additional cost, The Facilitator Mentoring & Coaching experience is for further mentoring in the Hebrew Way, and through our Community!

Please note:  This Level/Layer 3 occurs after participation in the Level 1 Symbolic-Study and is for those who have gone through 2 years of Level 1, have completed the required Modules there, have attended one of our Women's Retreat Trainings and desire this further mentoring

Register for Foundation Builder Guide's full symbolic-study program Membership and begin this Level 1 Principles of Creation Training!  

The 3 Levels/Layers of this Membership are: 

Modules for this course 4
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