Join us in restoring Original Culture, the Hebrew Way!  NEW ROUND--July: Principle of Creation 10

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Join our NEW Private Online Community!

Join our FBG Online Community & Our Intro Hebraic Principles of Creation Class!

We are reading & discussing, discovering together, and meeting live online in our own community platform called Mighty Networks.  (off FB)  We would love to hear your thoughts, offer support, connect with you in our LIVEs in a private setting, and invite you to join us!   

If you have already joined our Intro Hebraic Principles of Creation class called The Pilgrim’s Course Tutorial here*, add this FBG Community to your cart right here or in the Store on our site.  Then, on the other side of this checkout, you will receive an Invitation LINK to join in this new and exciting online platform & private online community. 

Katie’s newest book, The Hebrew Model: Restoring Our Original Culture & Story, Part 1 will also be shared with you there in the Hebrew Way/Model Discussion Group.

*If you have NOT joined in this introductory class, follow the links to Get started and join us!!  –HERE.

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